To coincide with
National Poetry Month, 2016
and the
18th anniversary of Expressions!,
we are proud to announce the release of the

First Expressions! Anthology

at the Expressions! reading  on April 2, 2016

The anthology will feature poetry read at the Monthly Expressions! Poetry readings.

Please submit up to three poems which have been read at Expressions! There is no submission fee.  Send your submission by email to in the body of the email. Please do not send attachments.

Each accepted contributor will receive one free copy of the book. Additional copies will be available.

The anthology will be a chapbook with pages 5.5” by 8.5”. Your poem must fit on one page. This translates to 33 lines (counting blank lines) and approximately 66 characters per line.

If you really want to send a longer poem, a few (3 or 4 at most) lines can be squeezed in. Contact me if you really want extra space.


March 15

Please imagine a big yellow attention-grabbing star. There have been technical and other problems and some submissions have been lost. Computers and circumstances do that sometimes and I failed to prevent it. I apologize to all those affected, and ask you to please please send your poem to the email above again and I will make sure that it does not get lost again!

Iif you have not received a confirmation email by March 7th, I’m sorry but yours is one of those that got lost, and please please PLEASE send it again to

And if you have not submitted yet? What’s stopping you? You still have a few days.

The First Expressions! Anthology